7 Best Dog Carrier Slings in 2020

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As a dog owner, you probably want to have your furry friend with you everywhere you go. I mean, dogs are loyal, affectionate, and amusing. So, why should you leave yours at home when you can comfortably hike or stroll together?

Whether at the park or in the mall, your dog is bound to get tired after a while. What’s more, you can’t walk with the pooch comfortably in crowded areas, especially the small breeds. Instead of carrying the dog on your chest, a dog carrier sling offers a comfy solution for you and the dog. These sling carriers come with straps that go over your shoulder and a snug pouch for your pooch.

And while dog slings aren’t as popular as backpacks, they’re more convenient and comfortable. The dog carrier sling wraps the dog’s body allowing it to rest gently. Depending on the option you go for, you can carry your canine on your front, back, or side. The size and breed of your dog will also determine the ideal sling. Additionally, how you intend to use the dog carrying sling will determine what you go for. Some are ideal for flying while others are suited for hiking, car rides, or biking.

So, having looked into what dog carrier slings are, and why you need one, we’ve reviewed 7 of the best dog carrier slings out there. Our elimination criteria focused on you and your dog’s comfort, your pooch’s safety, and the extra bells and whistles like storage pockets and the sling’s adjustability.


Best Dog Carrier Sling: YUDODO Pet Sling 4.8 out of 5 stars

YUDODO Pet Dog Sling

YUDODO Pet Sling is the best option, especially for people with small dog breeds. Besides being comfortable for you and the pooch, it also features an adjustable strap to fit both small and large-sized people. Unlike most other dog carriers, this one is snug and comfortable, and your furry friend will remain intact at all times. What’s more, it has an internal clip to attach to your dog’s leash. The internal clip and the string tie ruffled adjustable collar make YUDODO Pet Dog Sling secure for your dog.

The dog carrier sling is made of strong and supportive materials. The firm polyurethane leather offers a sturdy yet comfortable lounger for your dog. On the other hand, the breathable mesh allows air circulation inside the bag to your pet’s body, thereby enhancing its comfort. Also, the mesh renders the carrier bag lightweight and easy to carry around for extended periods without fatigue.

The sling’s hardware is very functional with the convenient zipper and the reinforced buckle providing utmost safety. Besides the hands-free design, the super-wide padded shoulder straps make the sling feel comfortable for you. Furthermore, it’s available in three different sizes and up to eight colors. These size and color options allow you to pick the pet carrying sling that meets your specific needs.

Why Is YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Is the Best Dog Sling?

Built to stand the test of time, YUDODO Pet Dog Sling offers a sturdy and comfortable haven for your dog. The strong leather and breathable mesh combination makes the bag both comfy and secure. The hands-free design and the adjustable shoulder straps make the dog sling very convenient. It’s also available in three different sizes and eight color options, making it easy for you to pick your favorite.

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Runner Up: iPet Hands-free Reversible Small Dog Sling 4.3 out of 5 stars

i'Pet Hands-Free Reversible Small Dog Cat Sling

This reversible small dog sling is made of machine-washable soft cotton fabric and polyester materials. The ingenious design combines convenience and style perfectly, providing a comfortable bag for your pet. What’s more, the cotton fabric is squishy enough for extended use.

The hands-free sling-type carrier features long loops that go over your shoulders and a spacious pocket on the opposite hip. The simplistic design and sturdy construction make it easy for your pooch to adapt to his new ‘home.’ Just slip your dog inside and carry on with the hike or evening stroll.

The reversible dog carrier sling design allows you to use either side of the bag to carry your dog. Whether you want the single-color side or the dotted one, there are no limits. The dog sling comes with an external security hasp to prevent the dog from jumping out. Also, it folds flat when not in use to simplify storage.

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Another Good Alternative: Alfie Pet

Alfie Pet Chico

The Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier boats of the perfect combination of convenience and style. The soft cotton fabric makes the sling perfect for your dog as it enhances both comfort and safety. What’s more, it’s hands-free design renders it lightweight and easy to carry your pet around with.

The fabric is machine-washable. This makes your cleaning and overall maintenance experience blissful. Just toss it in the washing machine and run a simple cold wash.

Alfie pet sling comes with heavy-duty, adjustable shoulder straps. Unlike the light strap options common with other slings in the price range, this one is heavy and comfortable for long trips with your furry friend.

Besides the 14” -35” comfortable shoulders straps, the dog carry sling also features a safety collar hook to restrain your pup in the pouch. What’s more, the safety collar is long enough to restrain your dog even when lying on the sling.

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Another Good Alternative #2: Cuby Dog and Cat Sling Carrier

Cuby Dog and Cat Sling

This high-quality Cuby Dog and Cat Sling Carrier is made of soft cotton and sturdy polyester, two essential materials that boast maximum comfort. The combination of comfort and durability makes the sling a haven for your pet. What’s more, the sling is just as comfortable for you, making it a great option for long trips with your furry companion.

The sling’s user-friendly design makes it aesthetically appealing and convenient to use. The foldable, hand-held construction makes it easy to travel with your pet even in tight spaces like the street or the mall.  It also brings the dog close to your body, thus brooding a better relationship.

This stylish and comfortable dog sling carrier features additional accessories to make your trip worthwhile. Firstly, it comes with a safety collar hook to discourage your dog from jumping out. Also, the pouch can be adjusted depending on your pet’s size to enhance optimum comfort.

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Another Good Alternative #3: TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling

TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling

This comfy and secure carrier sling for dogs is made of machine-washable, breathable fabric. The thick, soft material makes the bag comfortable for your pet while rendering the transition process much easier. The pet sling also features a reversible design for a versatile two-way look.

The Hands-free design renders the dog sling carrier both easy to use and very versatile. It comes with a security lock that attaches to the ring on the collar for maximum security. Also, you can regulate the size of the opening easily to fit your pet’s size. This helps to secure your dog in case there’s an accidental falling.

The harmonized blend of convenience and style makes TOMKAS Small Dogs Carrier Sling ideal for every activity. Everything from walking, hiking, traveling, subway, cycling, and shopping; you’ll never have to leave your furry friend behind. Moreover, it comes with a zipper pocket on the front side. You can store pet treats, poop bags, phone, keys, or cards in the pocket, further amplifying the sling’s convenience.

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Another Good Alternative #4: SlowTon Pet Carrier

SlowTon Pet Carrier

Built with the carrier’s and pet’s convenience in mind, The SlowTon Pet Carrier is the real deal. It 100% dog safe, thanks to the adjustable safety hook. The sturdy hook attaches to your pet’s collar from two buttons on the bag’s entry. Besides preventing jumping out, it also secures your dog in case of an accidental fall.

The pet carrier comes with a padded and adjustable shoulder strap. These straps make it easy to carry your furry friend for extended periods without getting fatigued. Also, the adjustable, modern design allows you to customize your fit for good walks, hiking, or shopping experience with your pet. Just use the simple buckle to adjust according to your height.

Besides providing a comfortable and secure lounger for your dog, the pet carrier also comes with a zipped pocket to amplify its convenience. Inside the zipped front pocket, you can store poo bags, phone, wallet, treats, and other essentials to make your trip exciting.

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Another Good Alternative #5: Jekeno Small Dogs Sling

Jekeno Small Dog Sling

This multi-functional small dogs sling boasts of a simple design that makes it ideal for different settings. Everything from shopping, biking, hiking, and driving; traveling with your pet has never been easier.

The soft cotton material and chiffon fabric provide a safe and secure pouch for your pet to rest. What’s more, the material is breathable and easy to fold, promoting air circulation in the pet sling and making storage much easier. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction allows you to comfortably travel with your pet for extended periods.

With the POM buckles, you can easily adjust the pet carrier sling to the right height. The adjustable shoulder straps make the bag ideal for the family because anyone can adjust the straps for the utmost comfort.

The security lock on the shoulder strap secures your dog perfectly, thereby prevent jumping or accidental falling. The material is also machine washable and the design reversible for a versatile two-way look.

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What Is A Dog Sling

A sling dog carrier is a purse-style bag that features over the shoulder straps and an open pouch. These carriers are designed to carry your dog and other pets comfortably, especially in tight spaces.

The sling sits on your shoulder while the pouch rests against your body. There are different models available, and your dog’s size will determine what you go for. Other factors like your height will determine whether you go for a regular or adjustable model.

Benefits of A Dog Sling

As stressed before, a dog sling helps you to travel with your pet while freeing your hands at all times. The best thing about the sling is it can be used in different settings. Whether it’s shopping, walking, hiking, or biking, the sling makes it easy to travel with your pup.

Dog slings are also very comfortable, especially when you have to carry your dog for extended periods. Most models are made of durable soft cotton and breathable fabric to enhance air circulation and amplify your pet’s comfort. The pouch also puts your four-legged friend in close contact with you, thus making him feel more comfortable and secure throughout the journey.

Lastly, dog slings are very secure for your pooch. Most models feature a security lock accessory to restrain your dog on the collar. This way, he’s always secure and can’t jump or fall accidentally. Lastly, some dog carrier slings come with an adjustable pouch that allows you to regulate the entry and fit your pup perfectly.

How to Choose a Dog Sling

As you’d expect, there are a few factors that you should consider when picking a dog carrier sling. These factors include:

  • Your Dog’s Size. Far from everything else, your dog’s size will determine what carrier sling you go for. The carriers are classified based on their maximum capacity, making it easier for you to choose the ideal one. So, understand your dog’s weight and pick a sling that’s ideal for him.
  • Comfort. Another important factor to consider is your dog’s comfort while in the sling. Some models are padded on the inside while others are made of breathable, heavy-duty fabric. All in all, ensure your ideal dog sling is comfortable enough for your furry friend.

Besides the dog, your comfort when carrying the pet sling is just as important. We recommend going for slings with a wide padded shoulder strap to free your shoulders from the stress of extended periods of walking, biking, or shopping with your pup.

  • Strength and Durability. The sling’s design and choice of material determine its longevity. We recommend going for materials that have a great balance of comfort and durability. Some of the common materials include cotton and polyester.
  • Adjustability and Convenience. Most new generation slings come with adjustable straps so that you can achieve the best fit possible. Depending on your choice, you can either go for buckled straps or the ones with metal rings.
  • Security Hook. The ideal dog carrier sling must have collar clips to secure your dog at all times. Dogs are very curious, and the security clips help to prevent accidental jumping or falling. Some models feature closing tops with zippers, Velcro, or buttons as well. For such slings, let your dog stick its head out before zipping it closed behind him.

Note: Avoid zipper closures for long-haired dogs, as the zip can easily snag the fur and cause discomfort to your pet.

  • Extra storage. Having a pocket or two on the sling makes your shopping or hiking experience better. You can store phone, dog treats, poop bags, cards, and other essentials in the pocket. Some are even zipped to ensure your items don’t fall off while you’re walking.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance. Depending on how often you use the dog carrier, you’ll have to clean it regularly. So, consider going for slings that are machine-washable to make the process much easier and quicker.

Dog Carrier Backpacks Vs. Slings

The main difference between a dog carrier backpack and sling is how your pet is held in the bag. With a backpack, the straps fit your pup standing upright on your back or chest. On the other hand, a carrier sling’s straps go over your shoulder with a soft cloth wrapping your dog against your body.

Carrier slings are recommended for small dog breeds and when you want your hands to be free when walking, hiking, or shopping. On the other hand, backpacks are ideal for larger breeds. What’s more, backpacks are great when you want to participate in high-intensity physical activities like jogging with your dog.

Safety Guidelines

Though carrying your pup around the mall in a sling isn’t the most high-risk activity, you’ll want to keep safety in mind. Avoiding accidents is key as they might heighten your dog’s anxiety or even cause serious injuries.

  • Inspect The Bag Regularly for Wear and Tear. We recommend regularly inspecting the pet sling for any signs of weakness. Check to see whether there are loose threads or other signs of tear, especially after cleaning. Make the necessary repairs where possible or replace the sling altogether if need be.
  • Use A Collar Clip Always. The last thing you want is your dog jumping out of the carrier sling. So, ensure you attach the sling to your harness at all times to restrain him.
  • Never Leave Your Dog in The Sling Unattended. Leaving your dog wrapped in the sling only makes him thief-friendly. So, never leave him unattended, especially when in public.
  • Position The Sling Well. Besides the pup’s coziness, your comfort is very important as well. Ensure the sling lies against your body but doesn’t impede your ability to walk. Your arms and legs should move freely as an accidental fall can be both embarrassing and dangerous.
  • Regulate airflow in the sling. Depending on the material and design of your sling, your dog might get overheated. We recommend using a sling with breathable materials to regulate the temperature better. You can also let the pup lose for a few minutes if he starts panting faster than normal.

Final Words

That’s it! Dog carrier slings are very effective, especially for people with small dogs and cat breeds. They’re made of soft, comfortable materials to enhance your pet’s comfort throughout the stroll. The shoulder straps help you to position the dog where you want him against your body.

The sling allows pet owners to spend more time with your dog while still freeing your hands. Unlike the carrier backpacks, slings are easier for dogs to adapt to, and you have a better view of your puppy throughout the journey.

Like any other dog product, there are numerous models on the market, and your dog’s size and personal preference will determine what works for you. So, examine the different features of the top 7 dog carrier slings above and choose the one that appeals to you the most. The dimensions and designs might be different, but all these slings are exemplary.

Thanks for the read!