7 Best Tactical Dog Harnesses in 2020

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If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably owned a few dog harnesses before. The thrill of having your four-legged friend tag along for your adventure or hiking trips is unmatched. After all, dogs are loyal, loving, and protecting. So, why not?

Unlike the traditional leash and collar set-up, tactical models are extremely functional outdoors with high-end design twitches to stand the test of time. Whether you have a hardworking service dog or a household pup, we recommend going for the best harness out there. Tactical dog harnesses make it easy to handle high-energy dogs while reducing the risk of chaffing and choking significantly. What’s more, these harnesses let you display patches and carry your pup’s essentials in the handy pockets. So, why settle for a regular leash when you and your dog can enjoy the freedom of movement and accommodation with a trusted dog harness?

As seen in military dogs, the best tactical dog harnesses feature high-quality material and components to simplify handling your pup. With additional features like top-mounted handles, solid D-rings, and side pockets, there’s no doubt on the quality and versatility of tactical dog harnesses. They give you instant control, leash and tag attachments, and extra storage for personal necessities. More so, they come in different sizes to ensure the right fit for your dog. This way, you can always hit the road with your pup and be assured of total control regardless of the situation or environment.


7 Best Tactical Dog Harnesses in 2020 Review

With the many brands out there, choosing the right tactical harness for your dog can be overwhelming. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best 7 harnesses for you. So, have a look at the features and specifications, and pick the one that resonates with you most:

Best Tactical Dog Harness: ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness 4.7 out of 5 stars

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness with 2X Metal Buckle

The ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness is a high-quality vest harness with more than just looks to it. The strong inner webbing is both durable and appealing to the eyes. What’s more, it boasts 1,050 D-nylon construction, that’s further enhanced with a water-resistant coating for added benefits. It’s also breathable to enhance your pup’s comfort.   

The harness is designed by putting two individual components together and offers up to four different adjustment positions. It has a sturdy alloy metal buckle on the dog’s shoulder position, making it the most load-bearing point. More so, with the well-stitched durable handle, safety control is at its peak. It’s large enough too, making it easy to quickly grab the harness, especially when walking in a crowd.

This custom-fitted tactical dog harness boasts a double leash clip D-ring for normal walking (neck) and no pull (chest). Additionally, the harness employs the MOLLE system on the sides to allow you to carry your dog’s hiking or training essentials. Most importantly, it’s available in varying chest and neck sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your pup.

Why Is ICEFANG Dog Tactical Harness the Best Option On the Market?

Built with military-grade 1050 D-nylon material, this tactical dog harness is the real deal. The breathable inner webbing is both durable and very comfortable for your dog. What’s more, it has up to 4 different adjustment points for the perfect fit. Lastly, the MOLLE system makes it easy for your dog to carry training, hiking, or walking essentials.

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Runner Up: OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest 4.3 out of 5 stars

OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest Harness with Mesh Padding and Two Handles

One Tigris Tactical Dog Training Unit boasts sturdy construction with the renowned military-grade 1,000D nylon material. The material is enhanced with a breathable mesh pad and soft cloth-covered neck strap. This combination of materials makes up one of the most durable and comfortable tactical training vests available. More so, the harness has a padded chest strap, which enhances the dog’s comfort.

The two fully adjustable straps prevent the harness from rubbing or riding while in use, thereby making it super comfy on your pooch. The built-in quick release mechanism makes putting the harness on or taking it off effortlessly. Also, the two front and back handle design with metal clips enhance your dog’s lead and control.

This tactical harness for dog is MOLLE compatible with an elongated top panel and side strips that allow you to put pouches or ID panels. In the molle pouches, you can carry water, treats, toys, and other training/hiking essentials. Most importantly, the harness is available in varying colors and sizes to meet your specific needs.

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Another Good Alternative: Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness is made with high-quality materials for maximum comfort and control. This heavy-duty vest is made of 900D nylon with heavy stitching to enhance durability. It has a breathable mesh and extra padding as well to keep the dog comfortable and protect his skin from abrasions and other injuries.

The safety harness features two metal leash attachment points for maximum security and control. The no pull front control clip near your dog’s neck is ideal for training, while the back clip on the chest is ideal for casual walks or jogs. These two sturdy rings ensure your pup is safe and secure regardless of the environment or activity. Whether you’re hiking, training, or working, you’ll always have total control of your dog.

The harness has 2 quick-release buckles and four adjustable straps on the chest (2) and neck (2), allowing for a snug fit with maximum mobility. What’s more, it’s MOLLE system-compatible with handy 1” strips sewn on either side for added convenience. The system allows you to easily attach ID panels and pouches to carry essentials like water and dog treats.

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Another Good Alternative #2: rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness


This fully adjustable tactical dog harness features 4 fast release buckles that make putting the harness on and taking it off hassle-free. Moreover, it comes with 5 different adjustable straps on the neck (2), chest (2), and belly (1) to allow for a snug fit without impeding mobility.

Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness features military standard design and construction. Firstly, it’s made of 1,050D nylon with sturdy stitching to enhance its durability. It has a breathable mesh and all-round padding to keep your dog comfortable at all times while protecting its skin during training.

The inclusion of the MOLLE system amplifies the harness’ versatile design. With strips on either side of the harness, you can easily attach badges, patches, and pouches to carry water, treats, and other hiking or training essentials. Most importantly, the harness features two metal leash attachment points for maximum control and security. The front clip is great for no-pull training control, while the back clip is ideal for casual jogging and walking.

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Another Good Alternative #3: Hanshengday Tactical Harness

Hanshengday Service Dog Vest

This water-resistant military patrol K9 dog harness boasts sturdy 1,000D nylon material to enhance its durability. It’s also well-padded on all pressure points to improve your dog’s comfort and protect his skin. The harness has a breathable mesh as well to enhance your pup’s comfort.

This easy and fully adjustable dog harness features 4 quick-release buckles, making it easy to put it on and off. Also, it comes with two perfectly located handles for maximum security and control. The top handle is for your dog’s lead and control, especially during training, while the V-ring on the chest is ideal for walking or jogging.

Hanshengday Tactical Harness is MOLLE compatible. It features two MOLLE straps on either side as well as hook and loop panels for added convenience. With the straps, you can attach water bottles and other training or hiking essentials effortlessly. On the other hand, the hook and loop panels allow you to attach morale patches easily.

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Another Good Alternative #4: Ultrafun Tactical Dog Molle Vest

Ultrafun Tactical Dog Molle Vest

Ultrafun Tactical Dog Molle Vest is a high-quality military training harness for medium to large dogs. It’s made of strong 600D nylon material, coyote brown color, and breathable mesh padding to promote a secure and comfortable haven for your dog. What’s more, it’s multi-functional design makes it ideal for both training and hiking adventures. The soft-cloth covered neck strap also allows for comfortable wearing.

The MOLLE-compatible design makes it easy for your dog to carry training and hiking essentials. You can use the strips on either side of the harness to carry patches and pouches. Whether it’s water, treats, or badges, the MOLLE system comes in handy.

Both the thorax and abdomen straps can be easily and quickly adjusted for comfortable wearing. Lastly, the tactical dog vest is available in three sizes, making it easy to choose your pet’s perfect fit.

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Another Good Alternative #5: Julius-K9 Power Harness Camouflage

Julius-K9 Powerharness Camouflage

Julius-K9 Power Harness Camouflage is a sturdy yet fashionable harness for your dog. Firstly, it features high-quality buckles for maximum security. The harness is also made with the best quality German materials and is 100% escape-proof. The genius design of the harness enhances your pup’s comfort without compromising on your control.

The lightweight harness is fully adjustable to ensure a snug fit for your canine. Additionally, the quick-release buckles make putting it on and off very easy.

Most importantly, the harness comes with a reflective chest strap to improve visibility even from a great distance.

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What Is a Tactical Dog Harness?

A tactical dog harness is a multi-functional dog leash that gives you maximum control of your dog regardless of the situation. As seen in police and working dogs, these harnesses combine functionality and convenience immaculately.

Firstly, the harness features a MOLLE system that allows effortless attachment of pouches, patches, and other hiking/training essentials. Secondly, they’re adjustable and offer multi-handling points for maximum security and control during hiking, training, working, or walking.

What Dogs Need a Tactical Harness?

A tactical dog vest is ideal for:

  • Service dogs
  • Police and working dogs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Emotional support dogs
  • Outdoor companion dogs

How to Choose the Best Tactical Dog Harness

As stressed before, there are many tactical service harnesses available, which can make choosing the right one overwhelming. So, to make it easy for you, here are a few factors to consider when picking one:

1. Your dog’s size

The first and most important factor you’ll need to consider when picking the product is your pup’s size. And while most models come with adjustable straps, we recommend measuring your dog’s size and using the manufacturer’s size guide to pick the right one. Always take precise girth, length, and lower neck measurements to avoid abrasions and other injuries. The emphasis is to get a stable and secure fit for your pet to enhance the overall comfort.

2. Function

Another important factor to consider when picking a tactical dog harness is the specific task you want it for. Do you want a training harness? Or maybe one with numerous storage options? Are you more interested in overall control? All these questions will help you narrow down to your ideal choice. Different products are more suitable for specific functions, and understanding what you’re looking for before will make your shopping experience much swifter and efficient.

3. Handling

A  tactical harness dog boast of immaculate balance between control and comfort. When shopping for one, we recommend going for a model with at least two handles; one on the neck and the other on the chest region for maximum control in different situations. Besides giving you total control, the two-handle design also makes it easy to lift large dogs because of the even weight distribution.

4. Patch Space

Patch space is especially important when you’re handling a police or working dog, and you don’t want distraction on the job. Patches also help to convey your dog’s style and personality when in public. So, if you’re looking to add patches on your harness vest, we recommend going for models that spot Velcro surfaces on top or the sides.

Final Words

And that’s it. Tactical dog harnesses are great for medium to large dogs. Unlike the regular leash and collar set-up, these ones offer more control while improving your dog’s comfort. They’re made with military-grade nylon and breathable paddings as well, successfully blending durability and comfort.

Contrary to popular opinion, tactical dog harness gear are not meant for police dogs only. In fact, we recommend them if you have a hunting dog, emotional support dog, and even outdoor companion dogs. After all, who doesn’t want to have a better grip on their dog when in public?

So, have a look at the 7 best tactical dog harnesses that we have reviewed for you and choose the one that resonates with you most. We have tested dozens of harnesses for you, and only these 7 made it on the list. And while they might be unique in their own rights, they’re all made to withstand harsh outdoor activities.

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