8 Best Outdoor Dog Beds (2020 Updated)

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According to Statista, there are 89.7 million pet dogs in the US, which is just but a representation of the massive figures around the world. The number of pet owners is increasing day by day, further demystifying the undying love for man’s best friend. Dogs are social animals and should be treated with the compassion accorded to humans. It’s thus your role as a proud dog owner to ensure your friend eats well, exercises regularly, and sleeps in a comfortable space.

If your dog likes to spend time outdoors in the nice weather, investing in a quality outdoor dog bed is certainly a great idea. A good dog bed provides your dog with a comfortable haven to lay on without allowing him on your outdoor furniture. Moreover, the dog bed will be very useful, especially for adventurers who like tagging their dogs along on their trips- you can use it on the beach, in the forest, and in your backyard.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of high-quality outside dog beds that are perfectly designed to accommodate your dog. The outdoor beds are perfectly suited for outdoor use and feature an elevated design to cool your friend and keep him away from direct contact with the floor. In fact, some of the models available on the market are versatile enough to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Best Outdoor Dog Beds in 2020: Review Summary

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Reviews of my 8 Best Outdoor Dog Beds

Having looked into what a dog bed is, who needs one, the benefits of having one, and the useful tips to help you pick an ideal dog bed, we’ll now shed light on some of the best dog beds that we’ve reviewed for you.

We have done our best to be thorough and unbiased with the reviews to give you a first-hand experience on the convenience that comes with having one of these novelties in your backyard or on your next camping expedition. And considering we had to give you only the best in this guide, here is what we think you should check out;

Best Outdoor Dog Bed: Kuranda Dog Bed 4.6 out of 5 stars

Kuranda outdoor dog bedThe Kuranda Dog Bed is the perfect haven for your dog both in and out of the house. The elevated orthopedic design helps to keep your dog dry and cool while lounging to protect it from any draughts. This incredible dog bed also features a suspended style that helps to evenly distribute your pooch’s weight and relieve pressure from the joints. This makes the pet bed ideal for orthopedic dogs suffering from limited mobility.

Ultra-light, Sturdy Build. The dog bed features an ultra-light patented aluminum frame which makes it not only portable but also very durable in the long-run. This chew proof high strength frame provides a sturdy foundation and can support up to 250 lbs. This makes the dog bed a great choice for the larger dog breeds as well as the active, hyper breeds as it’s close to impossible to topple over. The aluminum packs an oxide layer on top which discourages reaction with air, further enhancing the bed’s durability.

Easy to set up and Clean. Just like most other models, the Kuranda Dog Bed does not come assembled. However, this is probably the easiest pet beds to put together as it doesn’t require much expertise. Just ensure the joints are well attached and the bed should be ready for your four-legged partner. The vinyl fabric is also very resistant to the external weather conditions and exceedingly easy to clean.

Heavy-duty 40oz Solid Vinyl. Probably the most durable and versatile pet bed material you’ll ever come across, the heavy-duty vinyl provides your pet with a comfortable haven to lounge for a long time. This pet bed is ideal for active, determined diggers as well as the larger dog breeds. Its smooth finish makes cleaning blissful and renders it an outdoor gem.


  • It boasts of a super sturdy frame
  • The heavy-duty fabric renders the bed durable
  • It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The suspended vinyl makes it ideal for senior dogs


  • The height isn’t adjustable

Why is Kuranda the best outdoor dog bed?

Looking at the design and functionality of this incredible dog bed, it’s not hard to see why it belongs at the top. The bed boasts of a super sturdy aluminum frame that’s strong enough to accommodate the large dog breeds. It packs a heavy-duty vinyl material that’s chew proof and very easy to clean. The dog bed is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and has a suspended system that’s ideal for senior dogs.

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Best Budget Pick: K&H Original Pet Cot 4 out of 5 stars

K&H Original Pet CotDurable Construction. The K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot features the very best materials and expertise to provide a quality, long-lasting model. This vet recommended cheap outdoor dog bed features an elevated design which makes it perfect for outdoor use, especially during the warm months of spring and summer. By elevating your pet from the ground, the bed promotes free airflow and offers joint relief for pets that struggle with lying on the ground.

Versatile Build. This innovative outdoor pet bed delivers more than you’d expect- it suits your dog’s lounge needs both in and out of the house. And even more, the pet bed is available in 4 sizes to fit any pet and is also convenient for travel, camping, picnicking, and more. It is available in two color variants and there’s a canopy available for added shade.

High-quality Denier Fabric. Away from the sturdy bars supporting the pet bed, this outdoor dog hammock also boasts of a waterproof, 600-denier fabric that not only provides a comfortable haven for your pup, but also guarantees you long-lasting lounger. The breathable mesh center helps to repel moisture, mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors. The fabric is also easy to clean and dries very quickly- just use a clean, damp cloth or a hose.

Simple, Tool-Free Assembly. The versatile pet bed comes unassembled but takes minutes to set up. You don’t require tools to either assemble or disassemble the pet bed, which is a plus, especially for pet owners intending to use it in multiple environments (indoors, outdoors, camping, picnicking, among others).

K&H also offers multiple varieties of replacement covers throughout the seasons without the need to purchase the entire cot.


  • Elevated dog bed keeps the pet cool
  • The pet bed doesn’t require tools to assemble
  • Versatile construction allows the pet bed to be used both indoors and outdoors
  • High-quality materials


  • Nothing to dislike. It does the job

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Also Worth Mentioning #1: K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed 4.5 out of 5 stars

K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft outdoor dog bedThermostatically controlled Heater. The K&H Pet Products Lectro-soft Outdoor Heated Bed utilizes an energy-efficient, intelligent heater designed to warm your pet’s lounger in seconds. Whether you’re in the comfortable indoor temperature or the harsh outdoor conditions, the thermostat is designed never to exceed the body temperature of your pooch. This way, you can be sure that your dog will always be in a comfortable space regardless of the environment or season.

It comes with a Removable, Super-soft Fleece. Surrounding the heater is a soft fleece cover that’s very easy to clean. The fleece spreads the warmth evenly, successfully merging comfort and providing maximum heat. The machine-washable fleece cover can also be cleaned using a clean, damp cloth. However, make sure it is completely dry before plugging it back in.

Long-standing, Versatile Design. The rugged heated pet pad is designed to host your four-legged friend both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of the surroundings, the thermostatic heater heats the pad to your pet’s body temperatures to ensure it’s never too warm or too cold. This long-standing pet bed has been warming pets for more than 30 years and is available in 3 different sizes to meet the different needs of pet owners.

Comfortable Haven. This incredible outdoor dog mat features the patented lector soft orthopedic foam which is super soft and waterproof. This renders it very comfortable and easy to clean. The PVC material gives pet parents more flexibility in placement and transporting without jeopardizing the pooch’s comfort.


  • The thermostatically controlled heater warms the bed to your pet’s body temperature
  • The brand boasts of over 30 years of experience
  • The versatile design can be used both inside and outside of the house
  • Patented lector soft orthopedic memory foam promotes your pet’s comfort


  • It is not recommended for pets that are chewy or destructive in any way

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Also Worth Mentioning #2: Majestic Outdoor Yellow Plantation Round Pet Bed 4.4 out of 5 stars

Majestic Outdoor Sage PlantationVersatile 2-in-1 Build. The Majestic Outdoor Plantation Round Pet Bed provides a comfortable space for your pet both in and out of the house. Its lightweight design means you can easily transfer it from the house to the patio, the garage, and anywhere in between. The pet bed is available in large, medium, and small options and up to 5 different colors to meet the specific needs of pet parents. The colors include chocolate, navy blue, red, sage, and yellow.

High-quality Denier Fabric. This incredible outdoor dog pad boasts of an innovative design that is complemented by the heavy-duty, waterproof 300/600 denier fabric. This patented fabric cover renders the dog bed both durable and extra easy to maintain. The slipcover is also zippered for easy removal and is machine washable.

Durable Construction. This waterproof dog bed is filled with a sufficient amount of super flush fiberfill which provides unbeatable comfort and warmth for your dog. The covers are woven from durable Outdoor Treated polyester with up to 1000 hours of UV protection allowing it to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. The fashion-friendly design and non-skid base guarantee utmost safety as well as effortless blending with your home décor.


  • This outdoor dog pillow comes with a durable polyester cover
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • The heavy-duty denier fabric is waterproof
  • It’s available in 5 different colors


  • Some dogs might prefer a raised outdoor dog bed for lounging, especially over the summer

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Also Worth Mentioning #3: Iconic Pet Rectangular Rattan 4.3 out of 5 stars

Iconic Pet Rectangular RattanElevated, Innovative Design. The Iconic Pet Rectangular Rattan features a stylish, slightly elevated dog bed design to promotes even support for the pet bed. This durable construction is designed to accommodate your dog either inside or outside of the house, with the elevated style fiving it a distinctive and elegant look. Being raised from the ground, the pet bed allows for free airflow while offering joint relief for pets that struggle with lying on the ground.

Comfortable and Easy to Maintain. This incredible dog bed boasts of a very comfortable foam cushion that is covered with a smooth fabric to provide the utmost comfort to your pet. The cream color cushion cover blends effortlessly with the dark palm stems to give the bed an amazing look. The foamy cushion and smooth fabric renders the pet bed comfortable for your pooch and will never harm her skin in any way.

Durable and Corrosion Free Construction. Woven with pliable palm stems of Rattan, this iconic dog bed boasts of a rectangular design that provides ample space for your pet to lounge cozily. The intertwined Rattan strings are coated with rich UV inhibitors to minimize corrosion and flaking from the outdoor weather conditions. The espresso color of the Rattan blends immaculately with the cream color of the cushion.

Sturdy Build for All your Pet needs. This patio dog bed is available in 3 different sizes to ensure all your dogs have a safe space to lounge regardless of their size or weight. The rugged style will surely blend with your home décor and the upholstered design makes it very easy to clean the pet bed.


  • It’s a durable indoor/outdoor pet bed
  • Features unmatched stability and impeccable finish
  • The raised design gives the bed a premium look
  • It provides plenty of space for your dog to lounge
  • It’s available in 3 different sizes


  • Nothing to dislike. It does the job

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Also Worth Mentioning #4: Spruce Pup Indoor/Outdoor Travel Dog Pet Bed 4.2 out of 5 stars

Spruce Pup Indoor/Outdoor Travel bedPremium Comfort. The Spruce Pup Travel Dog Bed boasts of a 2 inches’ supportive foam that offers unmatched comfort for your pup. It also packs large pillows for added comfort. The combination of the foam pillow and additional pillows promotes extended snoozing for your four-legged friend.

This portable dog bed also packs removable, machine-washable soft faux-suede quilted sheets for extra comfort.

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Pet Bed. Built with the highest quality materials, this incredible dog bed can withstand indoor and outdoor use. This only makes sense for a travel bed which is designed to be ready for the road at any time of the day. It’s highly portable, with a foldable design that accommodates all your dog’s gear whenever you plan to hit the road.

Convenient Travel Dog Bed. Complete with stash pockets, D-ring clips, daisy chains, and zipper pulls, this is the most convenient travel bed for your dog. The stash pockets provide easy access to keys and doggie bags while the clips and chains make it quick to set it up or fold it. The removable, machine-washable, waterproof fitted faux-suede quilted sheets add to the convenience of this impressive pet bed.

The travel pet bed is available in small, medium, and large sizes to cater for the needs of all pet parents.


  • It packs high-quality foam to enhance your pup’s comfort
  • It can withstand indoor and outdoor use
  • The foldable design makes it portable


  • Some dogs might prefer a raised bed for outdoor lounging, especially over the summer

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Also Worth Mentioning #5: Extra Large Solid Wood Dog Houses 4.2 out of 5 stars

Extra Large Solid Wood Dog HousesSpacious Dog House. The Extra Large Solid Wood Dog House features enough space for two large dogs or just one extra-large dog. This affordable dog house is very practical in its design and comes with a removable partition to accommodate one or two dogs. And in a world where scoring a great outdoor dog house for the extra-large dogs is close to impossible, this duplex wood house should be a great relief to big pet parents.

Immaculate Design. Designed by the best in the industry, this covered outdoor dog bed features an elevated dog bed design to keep your dog off the ground. Elevating the bottom promotes free airflow and protects your dog from any draughts. It features a solid wood construction which not only makes it appealing to the eye but also very durable in the long-run.

Easy to Maintain. The dog house features a removable roof and floor panels which renders cleaning blissful. From the size to the incredible natural insulation, there’s nothing to dislike about this beauty. The removable roof also means that you can always do away with the roof if your pup prefers to enjoy the sunlight from the outside.


  • The dog house is robust and durable in the long run
  • It boasts of natural insulation
  • Great for multiple dogs or one large dog
  • Solid wood construction


  • The house is bulky and hard to move around

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Also Worth Mentioning #6: SUPERJARE Elevated Pet Bed with Canopy 4.2 out of 5 stars

SUPERJARE Elevated Pet CotLuxurious Accessory. The SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed with Canopy is a luxurious accessory that presents a comfortable haven for your pup to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Unlike the hot pavements, the elevated dog bed suspends your pet from the ground, which promotes cooling off and relieves pressure from the joints. The outdoor cooling dog bed also features a gorgeous canopy for full shade and protection.

Sturdy and Durable Design. Made with the highest quality of materials, you can be sure this outdoor dog bed with shade will offer a lounge for your four-legged buddy for a long time. The elevated pet bed features a sturdy steel frame and durable 1680D oxford fabric, which allow it to hold up to 120lbs. This immaculately designed pet bed is built to endure the playful scratching and playing of your beloved furry companions.

Portable Outdoor Dog Bed. Whether you want your dog to lounge by the pool or tag along on your upcoming hiking trip, this elevated pet bed will ensure your buddy is always happy wherever you go. Installing it and taking it down is a piece of cake too as you don’t need any tools or screws- just a few minutes and the bed is ready for the dog. It also comes with a handy little carry bag for maximum convenience.

High-quality Build. The SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed with Canopy is made of breathable fabric that helps to keep your dog away from the sultry. Coupled with a water-resistant canopy and elevated design, you can be sure your pet will remain refreshed throughout the summer. The canopy also helps to keep your dog covered in rainy days or stormy weather.


  • The elevated pet bed comes complete with a canopy
  • The lightweight build makes the pet bed portable
  • Easy to set up
  • It boasts of a sturdy and immaculate design


  • The canopy won’t protect against heavy rain

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What Is an Outdoor Dog Bed?

Outdoor dog beds can be simple or fancy, homemade or expensive, and everything in between. Unlike the regular dog beds, outdoor dog beds feature several design tweaks to enhance your pooch’s comfort while outside. These unique beds feature an elevated flat surface to keep your dog cool and avoid direct contact with the floor. By providing a comfortable haven outside for your dog, these beds keep your dog warm while supporting arthritic joints and preventing calluses.

Some outdoor dog beds also feature a mesh floor to enhance your pooch’s comfort and an overhead canopy to provide shade, especially when the weather is not very conducive outside.

Who Needs an Outdoor Dog Bed?

Even if you already have a comfortable pet bed in your house, there are still enough reasons why you should consider forking out a little cash for an outdoor dog bed. Firstly, if you live in a town like me, there might not be many shaded places for your dog to lay down off the pavement.  Pavements are not only uncomfortable, but they are also very hot over the summer, which might affect your pup’s joint health.

Secondly, even if you live in the countryside with an entire backyard to yourself, your dog is likely to lay either on the furniture or grass which is also uncomfortable. A quality outdoor dog bed thus comes in handy by providing a comfortable place to rest with an elevated design for optimum comfort.

Additionally, having a quality outdoor dog bed means less dirt tracked back to your house, as well as fewer insects in your furry friend’s body. These elevated beds keep your dog cleaner and healthier as he lounges outside. The raised floor and use of breathable fabric helps to cool off your dog quickly during the hot summer, especially for large and furry dog breeds.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Dog Bed

Whether you intend to place it on your patio or carry it to the woods with you, dog beds for outside have numerous benefits, especially for dog owners who are allergic to dog hair and don’t want their furry friend on the furniture. Here are some of the benefits;

1. They are comfortable and hygienic

Outdoor dog beds are just as important as the regular bed that your dog sleeps in at night. Having a quality one for your friend provides a comfortable haven to lounge and relax during the day. The pet bed discourages your dog from laying on the ground thus collecting dirt, which eventually trails back to the house.

It also discourages your pup from using your furniture and leaving fur on them which might aggravate people with allergies.  The elevated bed is usually made of a breathable material that is easy to clean, making it very hygienic.

2. Promotes healthy growth

For pet owners living in town, most are the times when your dog will lay on the pavement at the closest sighting of a shade. By spending extended periods on the cemented pavements, your dog’s bone health is at risk. And even for those living in the countryside and with lots of grass and plant canopies, nothing matches the comfort and dynamism of a quality outdoor dog bed.

The elevated design and breathable material not only offers a comfortable outdoor dog lounger, but they also ensure that your dog cools off effectively, especially during the hot summer weather. This way, your dog won’t suffer from heat exhaustion and will always be ready for the next adventure. Unlike stuffed beds, outdoor dog beds promote even weight distribution to prevent joint-related difficulties and cut down on elbow calluses.

3. Protects your pooch from insect bites

Whether you’re camping in the wild or in your backyard, many insects are likely to bite your dog. Especially for the long furry breeds, insects are fond of disguising themselves to enter your house. Insect bites can also be dangerous for your dog. For this reason, you should consider getting an elevated outdoor dog bed to keep these insects away. This way, you don’t have to worry about what the dog might transfer to the house.

4. They are easy to clean

Probably one of the most important benefits, the outdoor dog beds are very easy to clean which is a plus for people who suffer from pet hair allergy. The breathable material used is odorless and quick to dry. Some of the models come with removable, machine-washable materials which further simplifies the cleaning process.

5. They are durable

The best dog bed is made to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. From the strong foundation to the claw-proof breathable material, you can be sure your pooch will enjoy the bed for a long time. Some models also come with a waterproof canopy to protect the dog from direct sunlight and light showers. With the right usage and maintenance, these waterproof dog beds can last for long.

6. They are dynamic

Most outdoor bed models are versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. With features like UV light-resistant fabric and retractable canopies, your dog bed can host your friend both inside the house and out in the woods.

7. They are numerous options to choose from

Just like any other product available for sale, numerous brands specialize in the different aspects of pet care. This means the market is well flooded with different designs and shapes of outdoor dog beds to meet your specific needs. So, regardless of your dog’s size or pet bed design preference, you can be sure you’ll have several choices to pick from.

Useful Tips When Buying a Dog Bed

As stressed earlier, there are many types of outdoor dog beds and the ideal choice is purely based on your personal preference. However, there are important considerations you need to make before buying a dog bed to enhance longevity and promote your pup’s comfort in the long-run. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying the best dog bed.

1. The Material

Probably the most important factor to consider before making the purchase, the material used to make the dog bed has a great influence on its durability as well as your pooch’s comfort. There are many materials in use by designers, but the emphasis is usually on how easy it is to clean, whether it’s waterproof dog bed, or how resistant it is to the claws. Some models are also made with breathable materials that provide maximum cooling for your dog, especially during the hot summer.

2. Your Dog’s Weight

Your dog’s weight will limit the scope of your search for a dog outdoor bed. The ideal pet bed should be the one that supports your dog’s weight and size with a little clearance room. Make sure the foundation is sturdy enough to maintain the bed’s stability and the material is strong enough as well.

3. The Type of Dog Bed

Outdoor dog beds come in different shapes and sizes which makes it easy to pick an ideal one.  We recommend going for the shape of your indoor pet bed in the house but always ensure it provides sufficient cooling for your dog to protect it from any draughts. If you decide to go with mattress beds, make sure they’re comfortable and water-proof.

4. Ease of Installation

While the outdoor dog bed will most definitely come with an installation manual, it’s important to ensure you go for a model that doesn’t require much technical expertise to put up. The bed should have a few parts to simplify the process of installation. In fact, some models boast of a popup mechanism that makes installation very easy.

5. Portability

Most are the times you’ll find yourself packing the outdoor dog bed at the back of your car when heading out for a camping expedition with your pup. Also, most models are designed to fit perfectly whether in the house or outside. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your pet bed choice is lightweight and easy to walk around with. Buying one dynamic model is also more cost-effective than buying several models for different settings.

6. Comfort vs Protection

These are major considerations you need to make whenever you think of taking your dog outside. The harsh outdoor conditions predispose your dog to a lot of uncertainties, especially if you’re out in the wild camping. And when this is the case, comfort ceases to be the only worry but part of the overall spectrum which includes protection. There are pet beds that are designed to protect your dog from harsh conditions including excess sunlight and rainfall. So, depending on your specific needs, pick the ideal model for your dog.

7. The Specific Use.

Are you looking for the best dog bed to house your pooch on the patio? Or do you want a piece to take with you on your next forest expedition? The specific use of the pet bed has a great influence on what to consider and what not to.

8. The Pricing

Pricing is another important aspect to look into when shopping for your pup’s outdoor bed. We don’t recommend going broke on a pet bed, but remember, you get what you pay for. The most expensive doesn’t always turn out to be the most durable, but we’d recommend spending a few more dollars on a quality pet bed, than settling for a bargain that won’t last a month.

Pro Tip; As dogs age, especially the large breeds, they develop chronic joint pains which affect their sleeping habits and mobility. In such cases, you can buy an orthopedic dog bed that offers extra cushioning and pressure relief to your elderly friend.

Best Outdoor Dog Beds in 2020: Final Words

To sum it up, outdoor pet beds are just as important as your indoor version that provides shelter for your furry companion at night. These incredible pet beds are designed to provide a comfortable space for your dog to enjoy outdoor activities without being predisposed to accidents and injuries. And especially for people who live in a town where there might not be many shaded places for your dog to lay down off the pavement, having a quality outdoor bed is a great option. Pavements are not only uncomfortable, but they are also very hot over the summer, which might affect your pup’s joint health.

And even for those living in the countryside with a big backyard with grass for the pet to relax on, nothing beats the effectiveness of a high-quality pet bed. Most of the models feature an elevated design to keep your dog off the ground and breathable fabric to ensure your pet cools off quickly, especially in the warm months of spring and summer. Some models are also versatile and can be used in many settings, including the indoors, camping, picnicking, among others. So, whether you just want a simple bed for your dog to rest next to the pool or a portable model to house your furry companion when you’re out camping, there’s something for everyone.

In this guide, we have detailed everything there is to know about outdoor dog beds to simplify the process of getting the ideal one. Most importantly, we’ve explained the factors to consider when picking the right model for you and why it’s important to consider your specific needs when doing it. We’ve also reviewed 8 of the best outdoor dog beds available on the market to give you a first-hand experience of how convenient and practical they are.

Take a look at all of the reviewed models and pick the one that resonates with you the most.



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